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Logistics and Documentation


Documentation: : All team members, salaried and hourly must sign these agreements and return to before you begin.

To keep organized here is a checklist with links to the forms, as stated below, that you will need to complete.

  1. Offer Letter: our invitation to you with the terms of your employment

  2. Employment Agreement/Consulting Agreement: to make sure that we both understand and accept our responsibility to you and your responsibility to us.

  3. Protection of Personal Health Information (PHI): Because the foundation of our company is helping people gather and control their health information, we ask that every person on the team agree to this policy. Although only a subset of team members will actually come in contact with PHI, we feel it is a good practice for the entire company to be sensitive to this important responsibility.

  4. Code of Business Conduct: This document summarizes the regulatory requirements and business practices that guide our decision making and business activities.

  5. Team Member Privacy Policy: The same way that we care about the privacy of Hugo User data, we also care about your’s. The purposes for why we must use (or give access to your personal information), are outlined in this document.

  6. Equipment Loan Agreement: If you receive equipment from us, you will need to complete our loan agreement - basically as a way for us to keep track of who has what, and to remind you of your responsibility to take care of it and that we will require the equipment to be returned to us in good condition should you decided to leave.

Enrollment: There are a few forms that you need to complete to enroll in TPI, our payroll software solution, in order for your payroll portal to be set up. If you are a FT salaried team member you will need to access this portal to enroll in/waive health insurance. These forms should be emailed to

  1. Consultants: Please complete a W9 and a Direct Deposit form and return it to to be forwarded on to TPI so they can set up your payroll account/portal.

  2. FT Salaried Employees: Please complete a CT-W4, Federal W-4 and a Direct Deposit form and return it to to be forwarded on to TPI so they can set up your payroll account/portal.

    **Note: Hugo is a Connecticut business and therefore if you do not live in CT, you are considered a non resident CT employee. You have two options regarding your state tax responsibilities. Please be sure to review our CT Non Resident Tax information guide when making a choice regarding your state tax status. Please sign this document to acknowledge that you understand and accept your tax status option.

  3. Benefits: FT salaried team members are entitled to some insurance benefits. Once you are enrolled in TPI, you will be able to use your portal to manage all of our benefits in one place.

Downloadable Forms: