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Welcome to the Hugo Team!

The best advice we can give for a successful work experience at Hugo Health:

  1. Use common sense

  2. Keep an open mind

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, if you’re wondering, someone else probably is too

  4. Treat team members with respect and kindness

  5. Embrace our Core Values (refer to pages 4-11 in our handbook)

On Boarding Training Modules

To assist with your on boarding process we have provided a series of training modules that will get you up to speed on all things Hugo. The modules are listed below in their appropriate order and range from 1 to 7 minutes long. If you have already completed the modules and want more information or to review please feel free to visit any of our quick links below, which will direct you to your area of need.

Module 1: Logistics and Documentation

Module 2: Policies and Benefits

Module 3: Meet the Hugo Team

Module 4: Who is Hugo and how does it work

Module 5: Founder’s Presentation

Module 6: Read the Hugo Playbook

Module 7: Hugo Product Tutorials

Quick Links

If you have already completed the on boarding checklist and are back for review please see the Quick Links below to some of the main learning sites.

Policies and Benefits

Hugo News

Learn about Hugo