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Module 1: Policies and Benefits

Hugo’s Business Code of Conduct

All team members are expected to comply with the Hugo Code of Business Conduct, which is essential to maintaining our reputation for honesty, quality, and integrity. As part of on boarding

  • Please review the code of conduct and return the Acknowledgment Form to Hugo management at

Personal Time Off (PTO)


We believe that people should be able to manage their own time off. This means that people will be reasonable and not abuse this policy. If this policy turns out not to be working for everyone’s benefit, we reserve the right to revisit and adapt as necessary.


  • If you’re sick, don’t work. Simple as that.

  • If you need more than 5 consecutive sick days off, you may be asked to provide verification documentation. After the 5th consecutive paid sick day, you may be required to transition to medical leave.


We want to encourage people to take well deserved breaks. Studies show hat a self administered PTO policy results in people taking less time off and this is not what we strive for because we also know of studies that show that a balanced work life results in higher productivity and personal satisfaction. To help encourage those that tend not to take advantage of down time (and you know who you are), Hugo Health recognizes the following days off:

  •  New Years Day

  •  Presidents’ Day

  •  Memorial Day

  •  4th of July

  • Labor Day

  •  Thanksgiving (Thursday/Friday)

  • and not for religious purposes but because not much happens anyway, it provides a good opportunity for everyone to at least slow down, December 24-January 1

How to take PTO

Our goal is for you to take a welcome break and for our operations to run as smoothly as possible in your absence.

In order for our policy to not impact the efficiency and progress of others

  • Please practice common courtesy and let your team members know as soon as you know if you will not be working when they are expecting you, even if it just one day.

  • For any time away >2 days away the team member will require approval from their direct report (the sooner they are aware the better, but generally at a minimum advance notice should be equivalent to the number of planned days). This is to insure that appropriate coverage and other potential issues have been addressed - and the team member can have peace of mind knowing their team isn’t struggling in their absence). If the time off includes some Hugo work hours while away, this agreement needs to be created and signed by both parties. WHY??

  • Celebrate your down time: At no time should a team member feel uncomfortable taking PTO.

  • Share pictures of your time off! Could help motivate others to do the same!

Family Leave (TBD)

Reimbursement for Expenses

We ask that you practice common sense when it comes to reimbursement. We generally reimburse for office supplies, repairs/maintenance on equipment and travel. It’s important to be as detailed as possible listing the payment:

Method – Credit card, cash, check, etc.; and
Purpose & Description;
Calculate the grand total and submit directly with a copy of the receipt to

Privacy and Security of Information

Customer/User Protection of Information

Working at Hugo means that some of you will be working closely with people’s Personal Health Information (PHI). This access comes with a great deal of responsibility.

You will be required to participate in a HIPAA Training, sign our Protection of Personal Information Agreement and follow standards of practice to ensure that data is kept secure.

Team Member Protection of Information

Our priority is to safeguard personal team member information. Additionally, we will only collect personal information that is required to pursue our business operations and to comply with government reporting and disclosure requirements. Personal information collected by Hugo includes team member names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, emergency contact information, EEO data, social security numbers, date of birth, employment eligibility data, benefits plan enrollment information, which may include dependent personal information, and school/college or certification credentials.

Personal team member information will be considered confidential and as such will be shared only as required and with those who have a need to have access to such information. Personal team member information used in business system applications will be safeguarded under company proprietary electronic transmission and intranet policies and security systems. Participants in company benefit plans should be aware that personal information will be shared with plan providers as required for their claims handling or record keeping needs.

If a team member becomes aware of a material breach in maintaining the confidentiality of his or her personal information, this should be reported immediately. This will be investigated and action will be taken. Please be aware that a standard of reasonableness will apply in these circumstances. Examples of the release of personal team member information that will not be considered a breach include among others the following:

  • Release of partial employee birth dates, i.e., day and month for recognition on such date,

  • Personal telephone numbers or e-mail addresses in order to facilitate company work schedules or business operations.

  • Team member identifier information used in salary or budget planning, review processes and for timekeeping purposes

  • Team member and dependent information may be distributed in accordance with open enrollment processes for periodic benefit plan changes or periodic benefits statement updates.

Please review the team privacy policy


Since we are a remote company, there are opportunities for team members to meet for various purposes. Hugo covers the cost of all travel and lodging.

Insurance Benefits

Talent must be nurtured. Despite being a startup with a small team we believe that it is our obligation as a company to provide as much support as possible to our team. This means helping to keep people healthy, happy, safe and as stress-free as possible.

Health Care Benefits

If you are a FT salaried team member, health insurance coverage is available beginning on Day 1 of your employment, with a 30 day enrollment period.  We cover 100% of your health care insurance premium up to $700/month (premiums are based on age in CT). If your premium is less, the difference can be applied for your spouse, domestic partner or child. Our plan is United Health Oxford HSA to which additionally we will also contribute annually to a team member’s Health Savings Account. This will vary from year to year based on revenue. Once you have set up your payroll portal account you will be able to manage your benefits. All FT salaried team members are required to except or waive their health insurance option.

Short Term Disability

Stuff happens unexpectedly - accidents, illness, etc which can limit a person’s ability to work. To help relieve some of the stress associated with the unexpected, every FT salaried employee receives Short Term Disability insurance to cover 50% of their weekly salary up to $1500 for 12 weeks.

Life Insurance


Company Benefits

Remote Work

Our favorite and most beloved perk for all team members, full-time and part-time. No commute! Casual Friday every day! Pets as co-workers! But seriously, we are deliberately building a remote company so we can attract the very best talent for our team while not disrupting personal lives with a move.

We also recognize, however, that remote work is not for everyone. If you have decided to join us, it’s because you already have experience working remotely and understand its challenges and its advantages (or if this is your first time, you haven’t made this decision lightly). Even though remote work, by definition, assumes you are working on your own, we are committed to building an amazing remote community. We hope you will help contribute to this ever-evolving and unique work environment.

Company Equipment

Laptops: If you choose, we will provide you a laptop (your choice Apple or PC) to be used for your work at Hugo. If you are working with Personal Health Information (PHI) we require your laptop to be fully encrypted and therefore you may be required to use Hugo’s equipment.

Other Equipment: If there is another piece of equipment that you feel is necessary to help you with your responsibilities, please reach out to us with that request. We don’t know what we don’t know.

Team Retreats

Because of the remote nature of our company we also recognize the benefit of people spending time together in person. For our Dev team, this means 3-4 times/year we will choose a location for the team to work together for a few days. These retreats tend to be related to a larger project that would benefit from some intense coding. Locations vary, the team as input and there is a mix of some fun during the event. For non Dev team members, we also plan quarterly strategy retreats in New Haven.

Company Credit Cards

Depending on your role, some team members are given a company credit card. No approval process and no hassles to charge work-related incidentals that meet our “use your judgement” standard. If you do not have a credit card but need reimbursement, please follow our Reimbursement Policy.