Hugo started with an idea,
not a technology.

The idea is that people have yet to fully benefit from the digital transformation in medicine. Digital data is power – and in healthcare it is particularly potent and particularly personal. And yet, everyone but the patient seems to be trafficking in, transacting with, and profiting from data – but truly learning from the patient’s journey – and using that data for the patient’s benefit – remains elusive.

There is a need to ensure that data can be used by, with and for patients to capture their healthcare journey, improve their healthcare outcomes, and accelerate progress toward their needed breakthroughs. And accomplish the need for people to have their own experience help others, so that the next person would be in a better position because of what was learned from them.

Our technology delivers — and is in use today by patients and researchers across industry, regulatory agencies and academic institutions who share this vision.

We are mission based and focused on impact. Our currency is transformation and research is just the beginning.