Hugo leading the way

Personalize Patient Relationships and Connect Care Journeys, Hugo founder speaking at HIMSS 2019

People-powered data collaboratives: fueling data science with the health-related experiences of individuals
Journal of American Informatics Association, December 2018

Patient-Centered PHR Pulls Together Four Data Sources for Post-Market Surveillance of Medical Devices
Healthcare Innovation, August 2018

Empowering People with their Healthcare Data: An Interview with Harlan Krumholz
Healthcare: Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation December 2018

Assessment of US Hospital Compliance With Regulations for Patients’ Requests for Medical Records
Jamanetwork, October 2018

The Unfortunate Truth About Getting Your Medical Records
Forbe’s Magazine October 2018

Hugo Feasibility studies chosen in original 2 out of 3 NEST Demonstration Projects
Feasibility Study to Evaluate the use of mHealth as Data Source in Post-Market Surveillance; Feasibility Study to Evaluate the use of mHealth as Data Source in Post-Market Surveillance, August 2017

New Technology Will Allow Patients to become Partners in Research
Yale News, May 2016

The Personal Health Record: Using Technology to Empower Patients
Healthcare Financial Management Association, May 2016


Thought leadership from our founder

Hugo: Harnessing the Digital Transformation in Healthcare for Patients and Society
Yale School of Medicine February 2018


“Nothing About Me”
October 2017 Keynote Society for Participatory Medicine


What’s Next: People Powered Knowledge Generation from Digital Data
DCRI NIH Collaboratory Grand Rounds January 2017


And the World Turned Upside Down
October 2016 Keynote Connected Health Symposium